Dear Ms. Liza Dowd, Director of Nursing.
There are not enough words to express our appreciation for your rapid resolutions to our concerns. Your compassion, caring and commitment to quality care is what makes The Pavilion at Queens a very special place for healing of mind, body and soul.

– Dorothy A. & Helene A.

In my short stay at The Pavilion, I was looked after by quite a few nurses and I would like to recommend some of your staff by name. Ms. Key and Ms. Green took great care of me and were very kind to me during my stay.

– Rita C.

My mother was a resident at The Pavilion for slightly over two years. The care she received by her nurses, Ms. Benti, Ms. Calendar, and the Director of Nursing, Liza Dowd, was truly wonderful. These women (as well as the others on the floor) were caring, considerate and conscientious as they took care of my mother, as well as the other patients on the floor. They were always friendly and always went above and beyond in their care of my mother. Thank you!

– Deborah M.

My husband was on the sub-acute unit at The Pavilion for two months, and I would like you to know how grateful and pleased that he is getting the best care. Your nurses are all so respectful, helpful and caring. They are always there when needed, and are so cheerful with the residents. The doctors are always there when needed and have nice bedside manners. The Rehabilitation Gym is equipped with everything a person needs to get back to a normal life. They are very helpful and caring. The aids that work with them are so nice and gentle when taking and bringing the residents back and forth. The housekeepers are always keeping the floors and room clean. The people you meet around The Pavilion, even in the elevators, are always kind and always say hello to you. The security guards and receptionists are always respectful, helpful, cheerful, and they make you feel welcome and safe when entering The Pavilion. You should be very proud of all of them for doing a wonderful job and taking the best care of all The Pavilion residents who are not well and need to get well. My family and I appreciated everything The Pavilion has done and continue to do for my husband. We are extremely happy he is at The Pavilion. I would highly recommend this facility. Keep up the fine and excellent care you are all doing.

– Gerry T.

I would like to acknowledge Ms. Loretta Drummond, RN Supervisor for all the hard work and difficult role she has. During my stay at The Pavilion at Queens, Ms. Drummond and I met on several occasions to address my concerns, and we discussed these matters at length. Ms. Drummond took the initiative on all matters that she could assist and change. She has worked diligently to meet my needs. She made changes on the floor to my benefit. She respected my view points which I appreciate greatly. Ms. Drummond also took matters that were beyond her control to another level. Her efforts on all these matters were greatly appreciated. I have much respect for Ms. Drummond and appreciate all she did for me during my stay at The Pavilion.

– Marlene F.

I would like to send this well-deserved recommendation for Ms. Karen Johnson, Director of Queens Dialysis at The Pavilion. She is a prime example of good leadership. The dialysis nurses and technicians are extremely loyal to her and follow her instructions. She compliments them when their performance is perfect and brings standard performance up to perfection. These are early stages of my renal disease, and I appreciate the level of care exhibited to me.

– Darla C.

The best Rehabilitation Therapy in the east coast!

– Joseph R.

I am taking this opportunity to share my experience with Ms. Laroche, the C.N.A. during my stay at The Pavilion. Ms. Laroche exhibited a consistent pleasant attitude, no matter how difficult her day had been. She is a dedicated individual who is responsible and committed to patient care. She always tried to please and extend herself to meet my needs. She did this with compassion and concern. Even when she wasn’t assigned to me, she would come by my room in the morning and greet me with her bright smile and big brown eyes with a “Good Morning!” I cannot put into words how much I appreciated her act of kindness. It made me feel special and genuinely cared for. I would like to acknowledge Ms. Laroche, not only for her work, but more importantly for the way she touched my life, which will be something I will always treasure. 

– Marlene F.