Visiting my mom for the 1st time and I could not tell if I was in a hotel or a hospital. It was nice. Security is pleasant as well.


Wayne A. Robertson

Just visiting was a pleasure. Everyone seemed very content with their issues being there. I was in another rehab for 3 months and I was jealous as to why I wasn’t at The Pavilion. The entire visit was a pleasant surprise.



I don’t normally leave reviews, but as The Pavilion sent me a request to post my experience and the patient whom I visited, I had only nice things to say about his care.

The assigned medical doctor was very kind and open to discussing in further depth anything that we found important. The staff was attentive and caring. The visitor sign-in process was quick and tech-enabled so there was no wait. Their rehab area was impressive as well as the PT himself.

I would recommend The Pavilion for rehab.



This place is very caring for your elderly. The staff is so compassionate and friendly and you know that your family is being taken care of amazingly. Highly recommend from the from desk personnel like Stacy to the nurse caregivers on the floor. Thank you to all of them.


MR Hands

Came to visit my father and the staff was very friendly and especially so towards my father which was truly nice to see. I appreciate the staff being as warm and sociable as they are to my father 👏🏽👏🏽


Lando CalrisiaN

I was concerned because my mom was in bad shape. But from the moment we arrived the staff made her feel comfortable. The place was very clean and organized.


Sam Chan

The Pavilion at Queens is a welcoming different kind of Nursing Facility warm , the client’s can lounge in or outside the facility and tables , chairs are there for their convenience, socialization and recreation.All activities are geared to keep residents focused and refreshed. Good place to grow young in.🏋️‍♂️🤗


Sharon Simmons

I love their rehab facility it is very big with a lot of different types of activities to help as you venture home. The staff there is very friendly and I would recommend it based on the therapy there.When you leave there you will be more than ready to go home.


Gayle A.

Being in a rehab center for the first time was certainly an experience. I am happy I was able to be rehabilitated in the Pavilion.  I came in unable to sit up and I am walking out of the door to go home. Its very clear the therapy I had was more than helpful, it was excellent.  All the staff I encountered were very friendly and I appreciate everyone’s help with my recovery.


Elaine G.

I was able to receive everything I needed at the Pavilion. The facility is very clean, food was very good and well prepared.  The chef did a great job of flavoring all of the food, not too salty, it was delicious. I liked the fact that the Rehab gym had new machines which helped to increase my upper body strength. I am leaving this facility feeling stronger and appreciate the help of the Rehabilitation staff.


Truman S.

I am so appreciative to all of the therapists that worked with me.  After my surgery it was difficult to do things for myself so being in the Pavilion was a blessing.  There were plenty of therapists that spoke Spanish and communicating with them was a pleasure. They were always friendly and encouraging.  I enjoyed the food here as well, the fish and chicken were delicious. I am so grateful to everyone here for their efforts towards my recovery.



Silvya A.

My experience on the 3rd Floor at the Pavilion was pleasant.  The aides and nurses I encountered were all amazing at their job and I felt comfortable knowing they were taking care of me.  My experience in Rehab was excellent. My family and I entrusted each of them with my care and we were very impressed. My experience with dialysis at the Pavilion was also good.  All of the staff here go out of their way to make sure you get what is needed to take care of you. I would recommend the Pavilion at Queens to my closest friends and family.


Hector T.

When I came here to the Pavilion I was far from my normal self.  I had a trache; a feeding tube and couldn’t even talk. I’m so happy to be leaving here feeling 100% better. The girls in therapy Yolanda and Shante were awesome.  They encouraged me, were always polite and made sure I was safe at all times. My aide Dundas was an angel. Every time I rang that call bell she was right there and so pleasant all the time.  She is a wonderful aide and I will miss her dearly. Thank you to all the staff for assisting in my recovery.


Jacqueline S.

This facility is like no other. The level of attentiveness and compassion I received from all of the staff here was unforeseen but I am so grateful for it.  I received support from the nutritional staff and advice that has helped me to embrace a healthier lifestyle. My mobility has improved because of all the work done by Beth and Adrian.  The food here was excellent as well. The Pavilion at Queens has exceeded my expectations and I am appreciative of everyone that helped me get to my current state of well-being.


Thank you for everything.


Jay U.

This place is really excellent. Everything about this facility is great. I came back for physical therapy after my left knee replacement and am thoroughly satisfied once again with the care I received.  I appreciate the aggressive approach from the therapists concerning my rehabilitation. It has allowed me to fully recover and go home in 10 days. The nursing staff always goes out of their way to get me what I need.  I really feel this facility has done an excellent job. Thank you to all the staff and therapists for their genuine care.


Josef Y.

I am very happy with my stay here at the Pavilion. So much so I’ve already recommended a friend of mine in need of rehabilitation to come here.  The staff on the 7th Floor were always available when I needed them.  They were nice to me as well. I learned a lot during my time here from the therapy department. Tips that I can utilize to stay safe when I get home.  I give this place a 10.


Barbara J.

I have been a patient here at the Pavilion on more than one occasion and every time I am more than satisfied with the level of care I receive.  The physical therapy department is amazing! The staff, the quality of the machines and the exercises they do are so effective. When I came in I had been bedridden for 14 days in the hospital and was not optimistic about recovering. Now I can maneuver around a lot more independently. I would definitely return back to this facility if necessary.


Ceila B.

While I was here my mood was very low and due to the psychiatry consultations I have felt an improvement within myself. The 2 physical therapists that were assigned to me (Richard Martinez n Magali Demothene) were extremely helpful in my road to recovery.  The nursing staff was very attentive and the aides were polite and helpful. The Dialysis staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to any person in need (young or old). One aide in particular Ms. Green was very friendly and brightened my day with her kindness.


Estrella S.

For the last 2 months I came to love this place. The staff became like family, from the nurses to the gym, to dialysis.  The Pavilion makes you feel wanted and alive. I would recommend the Pavilion to everyone.


James Q.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here at the Pavilion. So much so that I don’t want to go home.  Al the amenities offered are excellent. The recreation department has the sweetest and most helpful staff.  The activities they brought to my room were big stress relievers for me. The food is excellent. All of the nursing staff; Mohamed, Marylynn, Lisa, Kathleen and everyone on the 4th floor do amazing jobs.  The PT I received here was exceptional, all of the therapists were so nice and friendly.  I’m going to miss everyone here and will be back soon to visit.


Thank you to all of staff here at the Pavilion, you all are wonderful.


Sally A.

I had a wonderful experience here at the Pavilion. I can now name every part of the human muscular system because of the awesome physical therapy staff. They are all well-versed and extremely polite. The aides, I commend for their hard work. To receive the level of care I did with a smile and professionalism was noteworthy. Thank you to Augustine and Jasmine in the nursing department as well as Shakes and Davey for their words of encouragement and well wishes.


Jerold Y.

My husband and I have been coming to this facility for Rehabilitation since 2003.  This place is very good. Nice and clean and convenient for us because we live in the area.  The nurses are nice, therapist do a great job and the facility itself is clean and beautiful.  We would definitely recommend it.


Zaiban K.

The Pavilion at Queens was good to me. The décor in that place was immaculate and the rehabilitation I received was better than I had expected.  I learned how to walk again from the most friendliest, caring therapist. They all were really amazing. The nurses on the 7th floor were so nice as well, I got along with all of them.  The recreational activities I attended were very entertaining; especially the Hawaiian party and Valentines’ Day event.  Thank you to all of the aides and therapists for their assistance in my recovery.


Emily R.

This has to be best Rehab facility I’ve been to.  I loved the nursing staff, they were all heedful to my needs and nice.  The recreational activities I participated in kept me entertained and I actually learned a lot.  The PT/OT were the stars of the show though. I used the exercise ball and other equipment that certainly strengthened my arms and legs.  I used muscles in therapy that I forgot I even had, the therapists did an excellent job. They pushed me and I’m happy they did. I’m going home feeling stronger than before, thank you to everyone at the Pavilion.


Linda M.

I feel so sad leaving here today.  On one hand my brother is finally going home and on the other I feel like we are leaving our place of comfort.  Being here everyone with my brother seeing the quality care he received from all of the amazing staff here was a pleasure.  Everyone from the Receptionist all the way to the Nurse Managers were so friendly, accommodating and always smiling every time I saw them.  We really were treated like family and I will miss each and every one that helped my brother. Thank you for everything, we are so blessed to have been here.


Anna C.

I came into the Pavilion because I had an amputation done and needed rehabilitation.  My time here has been pleasant and included a huge reality check. I was depressed and angry because of my recent amputation. Coming here was such a blessing because I learned how to walk again.  I’ve gained my independence back and the encouragement received from all of the staff, I am gratefully appreciative of. Thank you to everyone for their kindness, efforts and care. I feel accomplished leaving.  Thank you again!


Man L.

I was treated for my problems with the best care.  Always with genuine consideration, warmth, love and respect.  The staff was always there when I needed and praised me when I made accomplishments.  Consistently pushing me to do my best. The rehab department is excellent, I would recommend to everyone.  When I think about everything they did for me my heart cries with satisfaction. They all did their best and I am so pleased.  When I said goodbye to everyone I had tears in my eyes, I will truly miss each and everyone here and will be back to visit.


Sara S.

I am very impressed by the quality of care I received and the compassion and empathy I received from all of the staff at the Pavilion.  The nurses are efficient with their duties and work very hard. The therapists are full of vigor and worked diligently to help my complete various exercises.  A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Huang for her frequent visits and genuine empathy. The smiles I got from everyone I encountered were therapeutic and made such an impact on me daily.  Management at the Pavilion is blessed to have such impeccable, meticulous and patient people working there. I am so appreciative of all that was done for me. Thank you to you all and keep up the excellent work.


Dong X.

This is my second time coming to the Pavilion and as usual I am more than happy with the care and therapy I received.  The nurses are all great and do excellent jobs. It was also nice to go see some of the staff I had last time and they all remembered me.  Because of the great therapy I am able to move around more independently which I am very happy about. Keep up the great work you all do here, it is much appreciated.


Catherine H.

I would not hesitate to recommend someone I know to the Pavilion at Queens.  The Rehabilitation services I received were excellent. I came in not walking at all and now am working with a cane.  It’s like a miracle. It’s also a plus that everyone from housekeeping staff to the C.N.A.’s are all supportive, encouraging, respectful and always pleasant.  The Pavilion at Queens is surely a 5 star facility.


Salvatore E.

My doctor suggested I come here for Rehab and I am very happy I did.  Every part of my experience was enjoyed. The staff was on top of things always available when I needed them.  They were very attentive which was great. My therapists were excellent I feel so good leaving o go back home. Also, it was beautiful and very clean on the 9th floor.  Being able to make friends while I was here was a big plus as well.  Thank you to everyone for their hard work.


Rafael P.

I arrived at the Pavilion in a gurney on April 28th and I was discharge on June 3rd leaving the facility walking out the front door with a cane overall the facility is so clean and well-maintained the rehabilitation center is also very clean and maintain and they have the state-of-the-art equipment to get you through the day and back to living normal lives first I would like to thank the following people who made my progress unbelievable Adrian my physical therapist Alena my occupational therapist both these individuals are so caring and they know their stuff I bonded with them like we were friends they took such good care of me they always make sure I was on the track to full recovery I would also like to give a shout out to the 9th floor nurses and nursing aides Miss Park and Miss Fleming they were 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. all the nurses which were too many to list from 3 p.m. to 11 pm. and Jean my nite nursing aide she always helped me get through the night by getting me in bed and helping me take off my socks and sneakers and making sure I was ready for another day also I would like to thank my late night time Nurse Ellen and my nighttime Aide Heaven. Finally I would like to thank my social worker Erika for all she has done for me and getting me my extension for additional therapy Finally my Latino housekeeper on the 9th floor I thank him for always making sure my room was clean and my bathroom was fully stocked with all the supplies my rating of the food was B+ during my five weeks I lost 29.5 lb which was great the nutritionist did a great job and helping me lose weight overall The Pavilion gets five stars for the rehab I received if you’re looking to recover after any type of hip or knee surgeries The Pavilion is your place to go to.


Rod A


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